Why an IT Assessment?


Uncover Network Risks

Find which holes need to be plugged


Uncover Security Risks

Find the weaknesses in your systems


Survey the Health of your environment

Know exactly where to allocate your IT Budget!

One of our technicians will come to your site and plug into your network. Our data collectors are non-intrusive and no agent is installed within your environment. Our scanners will gather all the required information we need within just a few minutes (depending on size of environment). We will take that information and return the next day to provide you with a thorough and detailed report.

A member of our team will sit with you and go over the items in the report so you have a perfect understanding of your IT Health.

$ 99


A full set of reports for your system assets, settings, configuration, applications and endpoint security issues.

$ 199

Security Audit

Your Standard set of reports plus a full set of security reports that focus on network and user-related security risks.

$ 299


HIPAA or PCI Compliance reports from network data for a comprehensive data security assessment.

Microsoft Cloud, SQL and Exchange (including Office 365) Assessments available upon request


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